Arts & Culture Commission



The Arts & Culture Commission shall consist of nine (9) members including one member of the Rochester City government; one member from the business community; one member from the education community; one member who is the Rochester Poet Laureate or person from the literary arts community; and five members who are actively engaged in the arts, culture and heritage community. All members shall be appointed by the Rochester City Council. The members of the Commission shall be appointed for terms of three years.


The purpose of the Arts and Culture Commission is to implement the Arts and Cultural Resources Master Plan by:

  • Highlighting our heritage to inspire a sense of place and pride in the City of Rochester;
  • Identifying, strengthening, promoting, and broadcasting Rochester's cultural assets, infrastructure, and artistic treasures;
  • Facilitating community involvement in the arts;
  • Recognizing the economic power of the arts and culture in Rochester;
  • Invigorating Rochester with an emphasis on the City's unique blend of old-fashioned charm and progressive vision; and
  • Acting on the City's behalf on arts and culture matters.

Staff Contacts

Commission Members

Name Title
Palana Belken Chair (07/01/2023)
Marie Lejeune Member (07/01/2025)
Nicole Lee Member (07/01/2023)
Kristin Ebbeson Member (07/01/2023)
Sarah Rowe Member (07/01/2023)
Ed Pacht Poet Laureate (12/31/2023)
Ashley Desrochers Council Representative (01/02/2024)
Brittany Davis Member (7/1/2026)