Frequently Asked Questions on Exemptions


Elderly Exemption Qualifications
Elderly by Age (Age as of April 1st)

  • 65-74: $90,000 Off Assessment
  • 75-79: $120,000 Off Assessment
  • 80+: $150,000 Off Assessment

Disabled Exemption Qualifications

  • $75,000 Off Assessment          

Blind Exemption Application*

  • $75,000 Off Assessment

*The application must be completed by your physician and submitted to the Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired. They will provide you with a letter that is needed to complete the application at the Assessing Office.

Solar Energy Systems Exemption

  • City Council on December 5, 2006 adopted a Resolution to provide for an exemption on solar energy systems as defined in RSA 72:61, I, and in accordance with RSA 72:62. Currently there is no assessed value related to solar energy systems and therefore an application for exemption is not necessary at this time.