Rochester Rewind (July 2022)

Meeting Highlights from the Rochester Government Channel
Includes links to video and agenda.

  • City Council 7/5/22 
    Public Hearing - Resolution Authorizing Supplemental Appropriation - $299,000.00 - Purchase of 181 Highland Street. The Regular Meeting included the City Manager's Report, Communications from the Mayor, the election of City Council Ward 5, Seat A, Reports of Committees, and many Old and New Business items. Please see the agenda or indexed video for details. Click here to see the Agenda.
  • Codes & Ordinances Committee 7/7/22
    Agenda items included: Public Input, “Water Development Connection Fee”, “Sewer Development Connection Fee”, Amendment to City Council Rules of Order Section 1.7 Public Hearings, Discussion: Animal Trapping and Bear Baiting, Discussion: Chapter 275-28.3 “Noise” and Other. Click here to see the Agenda.
  • Planning Board 7/11/22
    Agenda items included: Public Input, several New Applications/ Public Hearings: conditional use permits, lot line revision, new constructions, subdivisions, and Other Business. Please see the agenda for details. Click here to see the Agenda.
  • Finance Committee 7/12/22
    Agenda items included: Public Input, Non-Union Merit-Track Compensation Plan, City Clerks & Tax Office Hours of Operation, Reports from Finance & Administration, Monthly Financial Report Summary, FY22 Use of General Fund Unassigned Fund Balance, New Hampshire Municipal Association-Fund Balance Article. Click here to see the Agenda.
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment 7/13/22
    Agenda items included: Rehearing request for administrative decision and variance, applications for special exceptions, Review and adoption of updated By-Laws, and Other Business/Non-Scheduled Items. Click here to see the Agenda.
  • Rochester School Board 7/14/22
    Agenda items included: Superintendent’s Report and Communications, Public Input, Reports from Committees, (action items) Old Business, New Business, Other and Non-Public. Click here to see the Agenda.
  • City Council 7/19/22
  • Public Hearing(s) - Included several items, please refer to the agenda for details. Special Meeting: Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 (CDBG-CV) (2 items). Workshop items included: Public Input, Communications from the City Manager, Communications from the Mayor, Historical Society Update and Department Reports. Click here to see the Agenda.
  • Public Works & Buildings Committee 7/21/22
    Public Input, Update Evans Road, Sewer System Master Plan (SSMP) Summer Operations, Rt. 202A Water Main Extension Project, Animal Trapping, DPW Staffing Challenges, and Other. Click here to see the Agenda.
  • Planning Board 7/25/22  
    Public comment, New Applications: Site Plans for daycare centers (2). Proposed Zoning Ordinance Change – Solar Panels, Review of inspections and surety for May and June 2022, Other Business. Click here to see the Agenda.
  • The Public Safety Committee did not meet in July.
  • The Police Commission did not meet in July.

The Rochester Government Channel broadcasts city meetings on Breezeline Channel 26 and Comcast Channel 22. A video live stream is available through the city website.  Videos of meetings are archived with click-able index points to corresponding agenda items for quick access. For a direct link to all videos and the live stream click here.

The “Rochester Rewind” is not intended to be inclusive of all business conducted by City Council, land use boards, and other committees. The State of New Hampshire recognizes the minutes of the meeting as the official record of the meeting. Agendas and Minutes can be found at Rochester School Board minutes and other meeting information can be found here: School Board | Rochester School Department (