Rochester Rewind - May 2022

Meeting Highlights from the Rochester Government Channel

May 2022

Includes links to video and agenda.

The Planning Board meeting schedule for 5/2/22 was canceled

City Council 5/3/22 


Agenda items included: Communications from the City Manager, Communications from the Mayor, Budget Presentation: School Department O&M and CIP, Reports of Committees, several items under Old & New Business, including first reading and refer to public hearing on May 17, 2022, for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Operating & CIP Budget for the City of Rochester.

Police Commission 5/4/22


 Agenda items included: Public Input, Oaths of Office: Officer Logan Allen, Officer Brian Dale, Officer Shane Downs, Officer David Lombardi, Officer Zachary Marsh, and Officer Manolin Terrero. Monthly Reports - Operations, Administration, and Correspondence.

Codes & Ordinances Committee 5/5/22


Agenda Items included: Proposed Amendment to Chapter 75-1 of the General Ordinances of the City of Rochester “Appointment and requirement of Fire Chief”, Discussion: Code of Ethics and Conduct, Discussion: City Council Rules of Order Section, “Public Input at Workshop or Committee Meetings subsection 5 regarding two-way dialogue, Discussion: Proposed addition of an additional “public input” at the close of  Workshop meetings

Finance Committee 5/10/22


Public Input, Economic Development Non-Capital Reserve Fund, Opera House-Fly Wheel Replacement, General Fund Unassigned Fund Balance-Follow up Discussion, Reports from Finance & Administration, Monthly Financial Report Summary

Zoning Board of Adjustment 5/11/22


Agenda items included: Hearings and action was taken on several applications for variance and special exceptions. Please see the agenda for details.

The School Board meeting scheduled for 5/12/22 was held at the School Dept. board room. Agenda  

Planning Board 5/16/22 


Agenda items included: Public Input, several New Applications/ Public Hearings: lot line revision, extension, and site plan; Surety Release Requests/ Inspection Reports, and Other Business. Please see agenda for details.

City Council 5/17/22 


The Public Hearing included six items, including the Proposed FY Budget. Please see the agenda for details. Budget Workshop included Public Input, several Communications from the City Manager and City Mayor, Discussion: Constitutionality of Redistricting, Department Reports and Continued Budget Deliberations and Adjustments.

Public Safety Committee 5/18/22 


Agenda items included: Public Input and several items. The Committee discussed and took action on several public safety-related items. Please see the agenda for details.

Public Works & Buildings Committee 5/19/22

Agenda items

Agenda items included: Public Input, Columbus Ave Municipal Pkg Lot Fence, Evans Road, Bridge to Potters House, Wastewater Treatment Plant Biosolids & Dewatering Facilities, Rt 202A Water Main Extension Project and Other.

BUDGET RETREAT SESSIONS – held on 5/6/22 (Video on Demand broken into several sections)

Agenda for 5/6/22

Budget Retreat p. 1 of 5 (Call to order to IT I/O)

Budget Retreat Part 1 of 5 (

Budget Retreat p. 2 of 5 (I/O Planning – Recreation)

Budget Retreat part 2 of 5 (

Budget Retreat p. 3 of 5 (I/O Public Buildings, Public Works, Water/Sewer)

Budget Retreat part 3 of 5 (

Budget Retreat p. 4 of 5 (CIP Questions and Answers)

Budget Retreat - p. 4 of 5 (

Budget Retreat p. 5 of 5 (Debt Service Overview, Budget Deliberations)

Budget Retreat part 5 of 5, (

The Rochester Government Channel broadcasts city meetings on Breezeline Channel 26 and Comcast Channel 22. A video live stream is available through the city website.  Videos of meetings are archived with click-able index points to corresponding agenda items for quick access. For a direct link to all videos and the live stream click here.

The “Rochester Rewind” is not intended to be inclusive of all business conducted by City Council, land use boards, and other committees. The State of New Hampshire recognizes the minutes of the meeting as the official record of the meeting. Agendas and Minutes can be found at Rochester School Board minutes and other meeting information can be found here: School Board | Rochester School Department (