45/55 North Main Street Construction Update

The construction update for the next two weeks:

  • On Monday, August 08, 2022, we will have an excavator on N Main Street in front of 45 to demolish the building structure. 
  • The first travel lane in front of 45/55 will be closed to traffic starting at 6:30 AM on Monday, while we unload and set up the excavator.
  • The excavator will be relocated from the street location into the 45 building footprint as the structure is demolished and removed.
  • We anticipate the left travel lane of N Main will be reopened to normal traffic around noon and the public sidewalk will return to normal use around our construction site as set up at N Main.
  • All debris from 45/55 will be removed and hauled to the landfill for proper disposal.
  • Demolition of the two building foundation walls and footings will continue.
  • Demolition of the 55 basement concrete slab should be completed.