Economic Development Commission


Welcome to the Rochester Economic Development Commission (REDC), a group of stakeholders, residents, and leaders dedicated to promoting economic growth, vitality, and the diversity of our businesses in our spectacular community. 

Rochester, NH, features the best amenities of a thriving city — retail, dining, entertainment, and recreation — all with the close-knit feel of a small town.  Come visit our new website!  Visit:

RSA: 162-G
Ordinance 7, Article III

City Chapter, Section 75:

Chair – Appointed by Mayor for 1 Year Term (Ordinances, 3.12 (b).Ex-Officio voting member (effective 11/10/1992)

The Economic Development Commission shall consist of eleven (11) members, two (2) of which members shall be ex-officio members.  Three (3) members shall be elected annually for a term of three (3) years with vacancies being filled by the City Council for any unexpired terms.

The Economic Development Commission shall recommend at least two (2) persons from the private sector to the Mayor each year as potential nominees.  In all cases, the election shall be by the City Council.

Members shall be chosen for their expertise, experience, and abilities in business, industry, finance, real estate, government, and law.  A majority of the members shall reside within the City of Rochester and up to four (4) of the elected members may reside outside of the City, provided, however, that any elected member residing outside of the City shall maintain a place of business, or shall be employed within the City, while serving as a member of the Commission. 

The Mayor and the Economic Development Director shall be ex-officio, non-voting members of the Commission.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Janet Davis Member
Jonathan Shapleigh Vice Chair
Kris Ebbeson Member
Michael Scala Staff, Director of Economic Development (Indefinite)
Paul Giuliano Chair
Ron Poulin Member
Kristen Bournival Member
Marsha Miller Member
Whitney Apgar Secretary
Tim Jones Member
Paul Callaghan Ex-Officio
Michael Scala Ex-Officio