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Make a plan to vote on Election Day

Are you new to Rochester or a first-time voter? Voting is an important civic duty and the Rochester City Clerk wants to help make your voice heard. The purpose of the voting guide is to assist anyone looking to participate in upcoming elections. The guide includes information on how to register to vote, how to determine your voting ward, and how to find your polling location. There are also links to sample ballots, absentee ballots, and more.

Public Information

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

  • Click here to see a full list of all boards and commissions.
  • Click here to see the City's Meeting Calendar. 


Public Meetings are broadcast live on Comcast Channel 22 and Breezeline Channel 26. Broadcasts are archived and available on demand. 

Public Input Options

(for City Council Workshops and Standing Committees with Public Input or Public Hearings)

  • In-Person: On-site in Council Chambers, during Public Input and Public Hearing portions of the meeting.
  • Mail: Must be received at least 3 full days before the anticipated meeting date.
    Rochester City Clerk, 31 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NH 03867ATTN: Public Input
  • Online: Must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. of the meeting date. Click here to provide public input.

Please note: Public input received by mail or through the online portal will be provided to the City Council but will not be read aloud or posted online.

Additional Contacts

  • Call (603) 335-7500 for a staff directory. 
  • Click here to email the ENTIRE City Council, Mayor, and City Manager.
  • Click here to find your City Councilor's contact.
  • Click here to determine your Ward.
  • Click here to visit the City Manager's page.

Boards & Commissions

If you are interested in serving on a volunteer-based board or commission, please complete a Statement of Interest form and return to the City Clerk's office at 31 Wakefield Street. Alternatively, you can scan/fax the form to (603) 509-1915 or We are currently in the process of updating our board vacancies page. Please check with the City Clerk’s Office about the position of interest. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Digital Alerts and Notifications

Municipal E-Alerts

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Press Releases

The Rochester Post offers a free subscription to all readers. Sign up now to receive an email anytime a press release or announcement is posted on the website. The email will include a link to the headline with a brief summary of the content. 

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Civics 101

A brief introduction to Municipal Government

Civics 101 is a community‐based learning course offered by the Office for Public Information and Community Engagement. The facilitated presentation and discussion aims to encourage participants to explore skills needed for active citizenship and recognize how individual civic actions can affect change. 

The course outline features several topics, including ‘How Rochester’s Municipal Government Works’, ‘How to Find Information’, ‘How to Vote (and why it’s so important)’, ‘How to Make Your Voice Heard’, and ‘How to Get More Involved’. 

Civics 101 is a one-time course held quarterly in the City Hall Annex, 33 Wakefield Street, on the second floor. It is meant for Rochester residents and business owners only. Registration is encouraged, however, all are welcome to attend. For additional information and general inquiries, contact Matt Wyatt at (603) 330-7195 or There is no cost for entry. Participants are encouraged to bring paper and a pen for note-taking. Laptops, tablets, and other Wifi enabled devices are optional.

Community Engagement

Public Engagement Hour

  • City Chat is a 1hr informal meeting held every first Friday at 10:00 am in the Community Room, on the 1st floor of the James W. Foley Memorial Community Center. The purpose of the meeting is to encourage residents, businesses, organizations, and volunteer groups to come together, introduce themselves, ask questions, and share updates regarding various efforts occurring around Rochester. City Chat is hosted by the Public Information Manager, in collaboration with the Mayor and City Council. The public is encouraged to attend. No RSVP is required. Please note: This meeting is not a replacement for official public input.

[NEW] Community Surveys & Forums

  • In the City of Rochester, civic engagement and community participation take center stage in municipal decision-making and planning. This user-friendly webpage aims to empower city departments, boards, and commissions to conduct online community surveys. It is important to stress that this platform does not replace formal public input or voting processes; rather, it serves as a channel for officials to collect and analyze input from community members. The aim is to make well-informed and data-driven choices that mirror the diverse needs and aspirations of the community. Click here to see a current list of available survey opportunities. 

Other Community Groups

  • Rochester Main Street is an economic development and historic preservation program.  We are a volunteer-based nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing downtown Rochester, New Hampshire through various improvement projects, events, and community engagement initiatives. Our goal is to promote a positive image of downtown by preserving our unique historic character, strengthening our economic base, and emphasizing downtown as the center of community activity. Click here to learn more. 

  • The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is an active, non-profit business membership organization comprised of businesses and professionals who are dedicated to fostering a favorable economic climate in which to live and work. Our members provide financial, in-kind, and volunteer resources to the business community. Click here to learn more. 

Other Media & Resources

Municipal Press Releases & Community News

The Rochester Post is an online community bulletin board operated by the Public Information and Community Engagement Office for the City of Rochester, NH. The purpose of the website is to serve as an aggregate for municipal press releases, community happenings, public meetings and hearings, and regional news from the State of New Hampshire. The posts are available to readers at no cost, with no required subscriptions. The mission of The Rochester Post is to raise awareness, make public information easily accessible, and encourage Rochester citizens to get involved in their community and municipal government.


The Rochester Post Podcast is a weekly series hosted by Matt Wyatt, Public Information and Community Engagement Manager for the City of Rochester, New Hampshire. In each episode, Matt interviews guests from a variety of businesses, organizations, and volunteer groups from around the community.

Social Media

The following links are official pages for the City of Rochester. These pages are designed to share information. The city's social media pages are not an alternative forum for official public input. Please refer to "Public Input Options" above for appropriate options.