Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission shall consist of seven (7) members and up to five (5) alternate members. Two regular members and two alternate members are designated for a member of the City Council and a member of the Planning Board who shall be appointed by that board. All members except for the Planning Board member shall be appointed by the Rochester City Council. The members of the Historic District Commission shall be appointed for terms of three years.

The purpose of the Rochester Historic Overlay District is to promote the general welfare of the community by:

(1) Safeguarding the cultural, social, political, and economic heritage of the City;

(2) Fostering the preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of structures and places of historic, architectural, and community value;

(3) Fostering civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past;

(4) Furthering the attractiveness of the City of Rochester to home buyers, tourists, visitors, and shoppers, thereby providing economic benefit to the City;

(5) Conserving and improving the value of property in the District; and

(6) Enhancing opportunities, where applicable, for financial benefits for owners of historic properties through grants, low interest loans, tax credits, and other tax benefits.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Ashley Greene (603) 335-1338
Crystal Galloway (603) 335-1338

Board Members

Name Title
Molly Meulenbroek Chair (01/02/2025)
Peter Bruckner Vice Chair/Planning Board Representative (01/02/2024)
James Connor Alternate Member (01/02/2025)
Marilyn Jones Member (01/02/2023)
Matthew Winders Member (01/02/2024)
Laura Hainey Council Representative