What happens after the Planning Board approves my project?

  1. The Planning Department mails the Planning Board Notice of Decision.
  2. The applicant meets the precedent conditions including:
    1. modifying plans as necessary
    2. paying any necessary fees such as Monumentation Fee (used to tie in property with the New Hampshire State Plane Coordinate System), sewer discharge permit, costs for any independent consultants to review components of plans (such as traffic study or City Attorney's review of documents)
    3. obtaining state and federal approvals
    4. payment of any necessary bonds (mainly for subdivisions)
  3. The Planning Department signs ("certifies") drawings.
  4. The plat for subdivisions (plat and deed for lot line adjustments) is recorded.
  5. The preconstruction meeting is held on site with City departments, applicant or agent, and contractor.
  6. The Department of Building, Zoning, and Licensing Services issues building permit (for site plans).
  7. The applicant completes the project, submits as-built drawings, registry of deeds receipts (for subdivisions and lot line adjustments) and pays any outstanding fees.
  8. Planning and other departments inspect project.
  9. The applicant obtains sign-offs from various departments certifying proper completion.
  10. The Department of Building, Zoning, and Licensing Services issues Certificate of Occupancy.