Outdoor Rink at the Common

2024 Rink Updates

2/6: The outdoor rink is OPEN. Please continue to monitor rink status and observe posted signage. 

If you notice any issues or damage at the rink, please call the Rec office at 603-332-4120 or the Arena at 603-335-6749.

Please respect the rink and help keep it clean and functioning! This is a great asset that we share as a community; let's keep it that way.


  • The rink will be closed intermittently due to weather or for ice maintenance-please check signage and online for status. 
  • Respect neighbors of the rink: When posted as open, the rink may only be utilized from 6am to 10pm. 
  • The outdoor rink is intended to be self-directed. 
  • There is no staff present, skate at your own risk. 
  • This is a shared space; no one group, or activity may dominate use of the rink surface. 
  • Skate rentals are not available at the outdoor rink. 
  • Helmets are strongly recommended for beginner skaters. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Will there be another rink in East Rochester?
    A: No, we will not be putting an additional rink at East Rochester. We recognize the value that the East Rochester rink brought to the community, and we wish we could support both rinks. However, our staff and resources simply could not cover a second rink.