What requires a Building Permit?

New construction and general renovation work requires the issuance of a building permit.  General renovation is defined as work which changes the overall size of a building or portions thereof or which involves the creation of rooms or spaces that did not previously exist.  Expansion of existing electrical, plumbing, mechanical or fire protection systems is also considered general renovation.  Always check with the Department of Building, Zoning, and Licensing Services to make sure, but examples of the types of work that require a permit are.

  1. Additions of any size
  2. Enlarging existing structures, rooms or spaces
  3. Creating new rooms or spaces
  4. Structural changes or repairs
  5. Dormers
  6. Demolition of all or part of a structure
  7. Changing exits or exit components in any way
  8. New structures including sheds, gazebos, pools (above and below ground), decks, garages, carports, etc
  9. Fire protection system work
  10. Signs
  11. Fences