Public Works


About Public Works

The Public Works Department is comprised of approximately 75 individuals dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Rochester residents and businesses by providing a range of vital services. Services include ensuring access to clean drinking water, managing the treatment and disposal of wastewater, maintaining a safe and efficient transportation system, and maintaining and improving public buildings and grounds. In addition, the Public Works Department provides support to all City departments.

The Department's annual operations and maintenance budget approaches $20 million, which is reflected in the annual budget. Concurrently, the Department oversees roughly 100 capital projects, which also approaches $20 million, aims to improve the availability and quality of drinking water, facilitate compliance with environmental regulations, and enhance transportation infrastructure.

Current Construction Projects

  • Click here to learn more about current construction projects, including Colonial Pines Sewer Ext, Rt 202A Water Line Extension, Strafford Square Roundabout, and more.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The City of Rochester is committed to providing equal opportunity and reasonable accommodations to citizens with disabilities. The City of Rochester complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and all other applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding disability discrimination and accommodation. Contact City Services Director and ADA Coordinator Peter Nourse for general inquiries.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Peter Nourse, P.E. Director of City Services 603-332-4096
Timothy Goldthwaite, P.E. Assistant City Engineer 603-332-4096
Lisa Clark Deputy Director - Operations 603-332-4096
Ken Henderson Highway & Fleet Supervisor 603-332-4096
Michael Riley Buildings & Grounds Supervisor (603) 332-4096
David Green Superintendent-Wastewater System 603-335-6942
Ian Rohrbacher Superintendent-Water System 603-335-7610
Dan Camara GIS/Asset Management Coordinator (603) 332-4096
Scott McGlynn Utilities Supervisor 603-332-4096
Alan Dews Construction Inspector (603) 332-4096
Laura McDormand Admin & Utility Billing Supervisor (603) 332-4096
Jarrod Norris, P.E. Assistant City Engineer (603) 332-4096