Trustees of the Trust Fund

About Trustees of Trust Funds

  • Trustees of Trust Funds are the custodian of the town's perpetual care funds, charitable trusts, and capital reserve/expendable trust funds.
  • Trustees of Trust Funds make the decisions regarding expenditure from these funds based on the wishes of the donor in the case of privately donated funds. The Trustees distribute capital reserve funds and expendable trust funds to the appropriate government officials upon request.
  • Trustees of Trust Funds make the decisions on how these funds are to be invested based on the investment policy adopted by the Trustees.
  • Trustees of Trust Funds must submit annually to the Department of Revenue Administration and the Charitable Trusts Unit annual reports with respect to their trust funds.

2022 Fund Disbursements

  • The Trustee's approved funds disbursement of $4000, from the Mary McDuffee Whitehouse Trust, to Community Action Partnership of Strafford County to provide heating assistance to Rochester residents
  • Total Spaulding High School Scholarships $39,677.63
  • $20,900 total disbursements from the William Evans Trust. $4000 to NH Food Bank, $9500 to Cornerstone VNA, $7200 to SHARE Fund, and $200 to Rochester Museum of Fine Arts. 

Rochester Public Library 2022

payout of all trusts as of 9/30/2022

  • James Edgerly 114.07    
  • Jennie Farrington Annex 74.17    
  • Samuel D. Felker 367.00    
  • Pearl & Charles Greene 68.46
  • Charles & Aroline B. Greenfield 367.00    
  • John Greenfield 367.00    
  • John Hanscom 367.00    
  • Wallace Hussey 190.69
  • Charles G. Jenness 57.04
  • Mabel H. Jones 96.78
  • Barbara King 208.61
  • Phyliss J. Bliss Fund 45.64
  • John Mcduffee 367.00
  • Marcia L. Nescott 417.98    
  • Carolyn C. Rose 45.64
  • Lean Salinger Library Fund 2,537.78
  • William S Talvio 1,084.78
  • Kennet L. Thompson 826.26    
  • Olive M. Woodward 4.56

Total = $7,607.46

Spaulding High School Library

payout of all trusts as of 9/30/2022

  • Charlotte Leighton 72.57
  • Sadie L. Meriam 120.10

Total = $192.67    

Board Members

Name Title
Robert Pallas Treasurer (exp. 1/2/2025)
Brett Johnson Member (exp. 1/2/2025)
Ray Varney Member (exp. 1/2/2023)
Matthew Winders Member (exp. 1/2/2024)