Fire Department


The primary mission of the Rochester Fire Department is to provide a range of programs designed to protect and maintain the quality of life within the City of Rochester through Fire Prevention, Fire Suppression, and Rescue activities.


The City of Rochester Fire Department is a 45 member Fire Department made up of 40 Full-Time Firefighters, 3 Command Staff Chief Officers, a Chaplain and the Executive Secretary providing fire, rescue, and public assistance services to the Rochester, East Rochester, and Gonic Sections of the community.

The department serves a community of 33,000 residents over the span of more than 45 square miles from the two 24-hour staffed Fire Stations to include Central Station in downtown Rochester and Gonic Station located at 7 Pickering Rd in Gonic.

Rochester Fire provides a wide variety of services including fire safety inspections, programs in the City Schools, and a proactive approach to fire safety in the community. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Dennis Dube Fire Chief (603) 330-7180
Adam Hughes Fire Marshal (603) 330-7185
Kelly Gagne Senior Executive Assistant (603) 330-7182
Mike George Assistant Chief (603) 330-7184