Mayoral Ad-hoc Committees

School Building Needs Review Committee 

City Council Representatives:

  • Amy Malone
  • Don Hamann
  • Steve Beaudoin 

School Board Representatives:

  • Audrey Stevens
  • Matt Beaulieu
  • Matt Munn
  • Matt Pappas
  • Paul Lynch
  • Sarah Harrington

Opioid Litigation Settlements

City Council Representatives:

  • City Councilor – Amy Malone (Chairperson)
  • City Councilor – Dana Berlin
  • City Councilor – Tim Fontneau

The group’s mission statement includes the following:

  1. Review the New Hampshire Attorney’s Letter dated June 7, 2022
  2. Review NH laws and NH RSA’s 126-A:83-86 for the use of these funds
  3. Review NH RSA 126-A:84, IV for mandatory reporting requirements.
  4. Begin a “self-directed” review and information collection phase-
    1. Host an open public meeting to solicit input from other stakeholders and the greater community, additional meetings as deemed beneficial (employ the use of a trained facilitator for these, such as Rochester Listens)
    2. Conduct any other activities and analyses deemed beneficial by the Committee
    3. Develop a draft list of Action Items and Next Steps, with projected implementation dates which the Committee will then present to the City Council and City Manager
    4. Complete any financial analysis needed regarding funding or revenue that any action item may need/generate
    5. Specifically, address the “best practices” use of these funds for abatement purposes.
  5. Although a specific time frame for the Committee’s work is not defined, it is directed that (1) a status update be provided to the City Council and City Manager at least every three months until the group completes its work and (2) summary meeting minutes are provided to the City Clerk’s Office of every meeting of the group.